Monday, June 23, 2014

Dreams of Chivalry

Many women grow up dreaming of a knight in shining armor to come carry them away and rescue them from their tower of doom. This is not a post to knock that dream and sense of adventure, but simply a moment to examine some of the logic involved with a "knight in shining armor." A knight that is in the midst of saving his damsel, if he has had experienced much peril - fighting a dragon, and that's just at the castle, not including what it took to get to the castle - no matter how great of a knight he is, his armor is not going to be shiny.

Now, if we want to get creative, we could propose a situation as to why he is showing up to save his damsel in shining armor. We could pull a Shrek and suggest that the knight does go through much peril, but is able to stop off at the shiny armor rental shop just at the bottom of the helix that leads to the top of the tower that holds his damsel captive. This offers the knight his chance to make that great first impression.

On a more serious note, chivalry is a character trait that is very much lacking in the American society. I challenge men to step up to the plate of chivalry and help bring an end to feminism, and any need thereof, by being the men that our women need! Check out the Ransomed Heart Ministries, as well as Stu Webber's Tender Warrior and Dr. Ken Canfield's The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers (National Center For Fathering).

And men as you learn to fight and eventually go through much peril do not forget to stop at the end of your battle against the dragon to make your shiny armor rental; your woman will love you for it!

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