Monday, June 23, 2014

Spurred On By The Young

A few days ago I took my kids (kdz) to a park where they could ride their bike and scooter respectively. My daughter still hasn't quite figured out how to balance herself on her scooter. Well, while we were walking together, and her brother off riding ahead of us, I went for some sentimental conversation. I asked what her favorite thing was about me. She did offer up an, "Oh, I don't know." But just as quickly she added a "Your faith and silliness."
I wasn't floored, but definitely caught off guard. It wasn't the comment I was expecting. It didn't cause me to be puffed up. It was more of a humbling comment (after all, I am a silly man). It would be one thing for her to understand that I have a relationship with God, but for her to word it that way did something in me. Her mother and I do not normally talk in such terms. We do talk about these sort of things but not as such.
So this moment with my daughter left me encouraged and strengthened doubly so. One, that she sees any sort of faith in me is awesome, if I may. Second, she says this as though she not only sees it, but finds it in me because she is looking for it. She is attracted to my faith. Wow!
I thank you, LORD, for this moment with my daughter. You use the very child I am raising to fear, respect and love You, to show me Your thoughts towards me...Jeremiah 29.11

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